Saraswati Day – Bali


Couldn’t sleep so headed down to the beach at 1am to discover thousands of Balinese in traditional dress. Tonight is Banyu Pinaruh apparently, the festival of knowledge. The beach was littered with offerings and every few minutes large groups of boys and men were running down into the surf chanting and cleansing themselves – “inside and outside” as one very serious lad of 15 told me.

I sat on the beach for an hour chatting with everyone and as usual learning so much about this incredible culture. They shared with me some traditional medicines which are only prepared on this day, and some incredibly tatsty rambutans (large lychees)
Most of today they have spent in the temples cleaning and dusting off the lontar (bamboo strips inscribed with the sacred Sanskrit texts) and reading them with the help of the elders.
Tomorrow is Saraswasti day, to celebrate the goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts…. an auspicious day to choose my new ukelele I was told !
I feel so blessed being here.
How could you not ?
Not a single foreigner on the beach.
Om Swast Swasti Swasti Om xxxx
Read more here if you are interested :

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    • She’s green and she’s called Lily (as in Lilibolero). I’m practising some Prodigy and Pink covers (a la Alison on the accordeon) but will get some Queen covers into the repertoire to accompany Freddie Mercury x

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