The Kolbrin Bible

Kolbrin BibleMany years ago I obtained a copy of the Kolbrin Bible. According to the Introduction, the Kolbrin manuscripts were salvaged from Glastonbury Abbey at the time of the great 1184 fire which destroyed virtually all the buildings and many of its treasures. We are told that the fire was arson intended to destroy the heretical manuscripts in the library, but the Kolbrin manuscripts – which have been considered heretical on many levels – were secretly housed elsewhere at the time and preserved.

Well I never really understood what I was reading until now – Graham Hancock’s analysis is profound … read on

The Day of Silence – preparations for Nyepi


The drive to the office this morning took a little longer than normal as thousands of Balinese flooded on to the streets making final preparations for Nyepi.

Bali time is normally a pretty flexible concept , but as the deadline for completing the construction of the 30,000+ Ogoh-Ogoh statues around the Island draws near, some obvious signs of sleeplessness were evident :

nyepi unfinished

Headless statues were being attended to by groups of raucous teenagers, with an application to detail that would put the western Y Generation to shame.

nyepi giant

On the beach at Petitenget the other night we stumbled across one of the more obscure rituals which involves 2 very life like Giants performing a story from the ancient scriptures surrounded by hundreds of chanting devotees all dressed in white. We stood and watched for over an hour and could still not work out how these puppets had been made so realistic – almost convincing ourselves that they were in fact genuine giants.


Rituals abound, but cameras are not welcome at some of the more gruesome ones so I borrowed this stock footage picture to give my readers a feel for the vibe here.

nyepi 1

On my way home tonight every village was shut down to traffic as the whole population gathered to pray – only us motorcyclists could get through often driving through rice paddies to avoid the jam.

nyepi winner

This is last year’s prize winner in Denpasar.

Tonight we will be in Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali, to witness over 100 Ogoh Ogoh’s being paraded through the streets, many of which have been under construction for months, only to be ritually burned and dumped in a large pit.

Tomorrow is the Day of Silence – no one is allowed out in the streets, no traffic, all flights are stopped and total silence reigns the island, strictly enforced by the elegantly dressed Temple Police.

Happy Nyepi to all friends around the world – I will report back on Wednesday hopefully with some spectacular footage of tonight’s events !

Om Swast Swast Swasti Om

Margaret Atwood

Mmmmm quote from “Surfacing”. One of my favourites. “This above all, to refuse to be a victim . . . I have to recant, give up the old belief that I am powerless.” Does a shift in self-perception have the power to reverse one’s destiny? What factors determine who is and is not a victim? What gives her the power to break free?ImageImage

90 acres of paradise – the ideal writer’s retreat

Tach’s Van

Arrived at my daughter’s property Tuesday armed with mozzie repellant and nagging doubts about the pack of wild dingos she explained were roaming the area attacking the animals. They had completely decimated her chicken coop over the last few weeks, attacked the horses and dogs and savaged her latest pet, Piggy the wild boar. The goat fence around the van where my daughter has lived for the past 2 years was no deterrent apparently.

Piggy and Honey

Tach had mentioned a few times that she had built me a “little shack” at the top of the hill and tried to assure me that I would be perfectly safe up there as “you’ll see the dingos coming for miles…”. Imagine my surprise when she showed me the “shack”

Tach’s new mansion

She has built a 3 bed fully fly-screened mansion, totally solar powered with 270 degree views over the Barron River Valley and beyond.

At last one of the family has forsaken their hippy past !

Access is problematic, however, in the wet season. There are 8 (yes EIGHT!) creeks to cross to get to the property.

During the big wet even 4WDs can’t get through so vehicles are left on the bitumen some 3km away and Tach and Dennis use a canoe to get to work. Sometimes even this gets too dangerous so they have to take a 8 km detour, walking over the railway bridge (built circa 1920).

This year the water rose to within 1 meter of the bottom of the bridge…..

Yesterday we went for a tour of the property boundaries to inspect the fencing on the Quad bikes and it took over 2 hours.


Anyway, the ideal writer’s retreat. Lots of toys and animals to keep me amused during those writer’s block moments.

Looking forward to spending the next month here, focusing on Book 2 “Kalimantan”.