Australia visible from Timor 60,000 years ago

Indonesia’s National Centre for Archaeology, have now begun the search on Rote and West Timor for the earliest evidence of the region’s first human maritime explorers, the likely ancestors of the First Australians.



Prehistoric cave paintings in Indonesia are as old as ancient art in Europe, a new study found. The images found in caves on Sulawesi Island show humans were drawing in different parts of the world some 40,000 years ago.

Book 2 in my Trilogy Kalimantan – Book 2 explores how this mysterious culture lived having survived the catacylsm of the world’s largest recent extinction event at Lake Toba.

Learn how human-beings almost vanished from Earth in 70,000 BC


The Tribe who Killed Ubud

Well said Igneous !


Healing is a sensation that has people selling their possessions, even sucking their parents dry of money. What are some other things that cause people to do this sort of thing?

To be on the inside of any religion, there are some absurd concepts (the earth is only a few thousand years old) we must accept without skepticism. The healing, new-age, global tribe communities of the world have similar notions at their core. First, you must always believe that you are helping and healing people. You must entirely ignore the transactional reality of the services you offer – along with all of the filth that is tied up in the money that changes hands. Having experienced life in a Canadian ‘conscious community’ where no money is ever involved, Ubud seems like a commercialized amusement park for yuppies. And on a lower and subtler level, most members of these tribes also…

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