Dancers and Drummers Wanted !

We are a group of like minded folk planning a trip to Sicily, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain and back through France between August – September 2019.

One of our projects is to create a short dance video to include all of the local dance types and language groups we will be meeting (and trying to learn !) along the way; a fun version of this Senegalese A -Z of African Dance.

If you share our interest in language, culture and the arts and you have a few weeks to spare around Xmas / New Year why not fill in the form at the bottom of this page for more details or email: and join us for all or part of the adventure; It would be amazing to have you  along !!

At about GBP30 per day  per person all up this is the cheapest way you will ever get to see Europe and Africa and make lifelong friendships with an amazing group of people. Just compare 20 nights travelling  in a Landrover with us to 7 nights in Benidorm– which would you choose ?

Please let me know if you have any questions or new ideas to add to the plan!

Read On – it gets more interesting….

36 Hairpin Bends near Briancon last year – 33 of which needed 3 point turns ! Oh that wonderful defender turning circle !


This is a non-profit adventure. Our objective is to interact as much as possible with the local people, animals and scenery that we will encounter.
We will have Dancers, Musicians, Cooks and hopefully a  couple of Mechanics on the trip.

Approximate Cost Per person GBP30 per day *assume split costs by 5 in each Land Rover

Approximate costs include :
  • Vehicle Hire
  • all camping equipment
  • Fuel
  • Border Fees
  • Food Kitty
  • Wild Camping
  • Campsites every 3 nights for showers and battery charging
  • PLUS your name (and your dancing!) on the credits of the video at the end


All you need to bring are clothes, cameras and toiletries !

Flights are extra, but here are some indicative flight costs from Kiwi around that period :
London to :
Malaga GBP45
Malta GBP68
Palermo GBP90
Casablanca GBP145

Can’t join for the whole trip ? 

The attached spreadsheet is the main planning tool where you can play with dates and vehicle types (it only seems to work if you download it as Excel).

Go to the Sheet called “Summary” and there are 2 options :

a/ Enter the Dates you can join us

This will tell you roughly where we will be on that day and you can organise regional flights  to join us (see Regional Airports map below)


b/ Select your preferred start and end towns from the pulldown list

This will tell you roughly which day we will be in that location and you can organise regional flights  to join us. (see Regional Airports map below)

Options include #of people and vehicle type (the Landy is more expensive but carries up to 5 people).
Dates are not yet fixed in stone but I will be there from mid August to mid September, others will be joining and leaving at various stages.
There are a few projects planned by various parties on the “Expedition”, which we are still trying to crystallise into a plan!
In no particular order :

– Statue Posing


– Trying to visit as many Megalithic Sites as possible, experimenting with the Expedition Drone


– Learning as many local dance types and languages as we can along the way, and making a short music video maybe ? similar to this one made by our friends Dirk and Bettina and inspired by the African scenery and music

Raising funds for some direct action charities in the countries we will be visiting

PS: If you can’t make this trip why not join us one of our other planned adventures :
May 2019 – France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal
August 2020 : 70 Countries ! yes that’s every country West of the Urals except Vatican City plus Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco .