The Ancestor Trilogy

The Ancestor Trilogy is Sam Sling’s latest collection of speculative fiction, based on true historical events.

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The Black Line (Book the First)

follows Benjamin Robbins into transportation to Van Diemen’s Land, his encounters with Charles Darwin and the mysterious aristocrat. Saved by the remaining members of the Pinarrareira tribe from starvation and white settlers, Benjamin and his fellow convict Warren James, leader of the Forest of Dean Enclosure Riots in 1831 take the reader into a parallel universe ruled by King David (Cameron) the great-great-grandson of the mysterious aristocrat.

Kalimantan (Book the Second)

takes you the reader back in time , and slowly westwards, from 1830’s Van Diemen’s Land, to meet the peoples who created the extraordinarily contemporary rock art in the caves of Borneo, art that is closely related to the rock art of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

In May 2012 Sam will be in Kalimantan researching what some ethno-archeologists have described as the most important collections of cave paintings in the world discovered by his explorer friend Luc-Henri Fage, a Rolex Awards Associate Laureate.

Mahabalipuram (Book the Third)

In 2004 , just before the Sumatra Tsunami hit the east coast of  India, the sea receded 500 metres for a few minutes.

Ancient temples hitherto only considered to be local folklore were uncovered and are believed by some ethno-archeologists to be over 12,000 years old.

The 3rd book in the Ancestor Trilogy introduces the reader to the architects of the Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadhu,  and illustrates how similar their societies were to our own.

Graham Hancock made this film some 10 years ago before the ruins were uncovered prior to the Tsunami (Mahabalipuram is discussed 31 minutes into the film).

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