Sam Sling

Sam Sling is a time traveller.

He alights in different continents, in different eras, in different cultures and gathers knowledge.

For the past 30 years he has wandered the Islands and Cultures of the planet pretending to be a Consultant.

In reality he has lived with the indigenous peoples of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Forest of Dean, and this knowledge he has distilled into “The Black Line”, the first book of the Ancestor Trilogy.

The 2nd and 3rd books take you the reader back in time, and slowly westwards, from 1830’s Van Diemen’s Land, to meet the peoples who created the extraordinarily contemporary rock art in the caves of Borneo and the architects of the Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadhu  over 12,000 years ago, and illustrates how similar their societies were to our own.

Sam is passionate about the need for an author to self promote his work through public speaking, has written radio plays , runs his own Youtube video channel, and will be blogging his experiences in India, Borneo, Papua New Guinea and Australia as he heads off to research the next 2 books in the Ancestor Trilogy.

In May 2012 he will be in Kalimantan in preparation for his 2nd book. exploring what are considered by ethnoarcheologists, to be the most important collections of cave paintings in the world, only discovered in the 1990’s by Sam’s old friend, explorer Luc-Henri Fage, a Rolex Awards Associate Laureate,

The author was recently interviewed on Triangle FM following the broadcast of a successful 5 part Radio Play called “No Windows – A Play with Sound”.

During the interview he discusses his influences and reads a short extract from The Black Line.

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